Overcoming his shortcomings, boy with writing disability clears HSC

Anurag Thombre, a 20-year-old resident of Panvel, Maharashtra, has a writing disability since birth. Though he couldn’t write, he cracked the HSC exam with a first class. Instead of writing Anurag was granted special permission by the board to appear for the exam with the help of a computer

Overcoming his shortcomings, boy with writing disability clears HSC

Anurag has had a writing disability since his birth. A child who is has a writing disability cannot write anything as they cannot move their hands.

But, Anurag has scored a first class in the HSC exam of the Maharashtra Board.

The Maharashtra HSC board had given him special permission to take his exam by typing with the help of the computer.

Anurag couldn’t write since birth as his writing disability, did not allow him to do so. In order to make Anurag independent, his father taught how to type on a computer since he was 3-years-old. But, what started out as a hobby, later helped him to stand on his own feet and has now helped Anurag achieve the next level in his career.

Anurag Thombre
Anurag Thombre

Anurag has cleared the HSC examination with first class, and all the credit goes to his hard work.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Anurag’s father Rohidas Thombre said, “After Anurag was diagnosed with writing disability; we tried everything so that he could move his hands. We enrolled him in a typing class so that he can learn to move his fingers. This helped and gradually Anurag started typing on the computer. Before the HSC exams, we had approached the board, to consider Anurag’s case as a special one and allow him to type on a computer.  We are grateful that the board accepted our request and today Anurag scored a first class in the board exams.”

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Mona Gajre, a paediatrician from Mumbai’s civic-run Sion Hospital said, “Many times children have a writing disability or learning disability. In case of a writing disability, by birth, a child cannot move his hands. With the help of physiotherapy and exercise, the condition can be improved over the years, but it takes a longer duration of time.”

Faizal Khan

Another student who has struggled and overcome the obstacles in his way is Faizal Khan, a 20-year-old from Mumbai’s Govandi area, who is blind since birth. He has scored 79% in the HSC boards.

Faizal says, “I started studying in the month of December. I used to study in my school’s library. My friends and family members used to help me out in case I got stuck somewhere while studying. They used to read and I used to grasp it and read alongside with them. I am very happy today that I have crossed a major milestone in my life.”