‘Our next step is indefinite strike’, warns IMA

There has been a tussle between government and the doctors regarding the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill. The NMC Bill isn’t a good one according to the doctors and the IMA is strongly opposing it. Owing to which, the MBBS students are protesting at Azad Maidan, The IMA is holding General Body Meetings (GBM) at their offices across Maharashtra. Also, the IMA conducted a press conference regarding the same at Juhu in Mumbai


  • Today, The Indian Medical Association is observing a nationwide strike. As per the IMA, the National Medical Commission bill is anti-poor, anti-people, non-representative, undemocratic and anti-federal in character. “National Medical Commission (NMC) in the present form is not acceptable to us,” said a statement by Dr Parthiv Sanghvi, State Secretary, IMA.
  • The doctors will not be working from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. However, only emergency cases will be attended. Indian Medical Association has informed this to all the members across the country.
  • The IMA conducted a press conference at their office in Juhu, Mumbai. While, the MBBS students are protesting at Azad Maidan. IMA is holding the General Body Meetings (GBM) at their offices across Maharashtra.

At a press conference conducted by IMA at Juhu, Mumbai, doctors opposed the NMC bill. “We are not saying that don’t punish doctors who are wrong, but taking measures where even good doctors have to suffer is unacceptable,” said Dr Sanjay Dudhat, President, IMA Mumbai West branch.

“The draconian bill which is to be tabled today, in the lower house of the parliament is vehemently opposed by us. The advisory to medical council will be nominated by the government. It is anti-democratic and anti-people and anti-federal in character. The biggest problem is that the private medical colleges will have a complete run for money. Only up to 40 per cent of seats in a private medical college can be regulated by the government. And there will be no affordable education,” said Dr Parthiv Sanghvi, State Secretary, IMA.

He added, “The NMC is a pro-private management bill paving way to corruption. It is a front door entry of quackery. We are not against any ‘pathy’ but there has to be fairness. It will be a disaster. Our protest is not for the doctors. It is for the people who do not know what they will face now.”

As per Dr Sanghvi, “We will be a laughing stock in front of the world as the medical education will go for a toss. NMC prompted unscientific mixing of the systems of medicine. IMA out rightly objects this and asks for a detailed dialogue.”

He further said, “Our next step will be to go on indefinite strike and take steps needed. We have proposed a total shut down and I am glad to quote that many private hospitals have joined hands. Emergency And critical care services are working today. OPD and elective services are cancelled. We are not irresponsible towards our patients.”

“We are against cross pathy and minimum representation for the bill. We will continue till our voices are heard,” said a student representative at the IMA conference.