Organs of 40-year-old ‘brain-dead’ woman saves two lives in Mumbai

The family of a 40-year-old Thane woman agreed to donate the organs, which went on to save two lives, who were waiting for an organ transplant. According to the Zonal Transplant Co-ordination Centre, this was the 27th Organ Donation in Mumbai.

Organ donation: Brain-dead man gives new life to six patients in Pune

Thursday, June 28 was like any other day for this 40-year-old from Thane, as she started her daily routine on time, she was on her way to Kalyan for work. But, this routine journey, proved to be fatal for her as she met with an accident and was immediately rushed to Jupiter hospital.

The middle-aged woman, suffered severe brain injuries and was declared brain-dead by the doctors at Jupiter Hospital, Thane, where she was undergoing the treatment.

The doctors counseled the woman’s family and the family decided to donate her organs. The family agreed to donate her heart and liver. The heart has been sent to Fortis Hospital, Mulund, and the liver has been donated to a 65-year-old, who is currently undergoing treatment at Jupiter hospital for liver ailments.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, organ transplant coordinator of the Jupiter Hospital, Thane, Dr Anirudh Kulkarni, said, “The lady was admitted to the hospital with severe head injuries. For two to three days, she was undergoing the treatment. But due to excessive bleeding in the brain, she was declared as brain-dead. When the doctors counseled the grieving family, they immediately gave their consent to donate her organs.”

Dr Kulkarni further said, “The woman’s heart has been given to Mulund’s Fortis Hospital and liver has been retained with Jupiter Hospital.”