#OrganDonation: Parents consent to donate organs of their only son, help save three lives

The parents of a nine-year-old child helped give a new lease of life to three people when they consented to donate his organs. The cadaver donation took place on Wednesday, October 30 at Apple Hospital in Surat  

9-years-old-boy-OD-696x443A few days ago, Sameer Mistry, a resident of Surat, fell down while playing. His parents immediately rushed him to the hospital.

The child had suffered from a brain haemorrhage and was being treated by the doctors. He was eventually declared brain-dead by doctors as he was not responding to the treatment.

The family was counselled by doctors and organ transplant coordinators, after which the family consented to donate the organs of their deceased child. The eyes, kidneys and liver were retrieved during the cadaver donation process.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Alpesh Mistry, the father of Sameer, informed, “My son has given a new lease of life to those who were in need of organs to survive. And, I am very proud of that. We took the decision to donate organs as precious lives can be saved.”

He added, “My humble appeal to all is, we must spread the awareness of organ donation. So, more precious lives can be saved.”

The nine-year-old child gave a new lease of life to three teenage persons and vision to two people.

Nilesh Mandlewala, Founder and President of Donate Life NGO, stated, “ We salute the parents of Sameer Mistry, the only Child of Alpesh Mistry and Sonal Mistry who gave consent to donate his beloved son’s precious organs after doctors declared him brain-dead.”

Till date with the efforts of Donate Life, 345 Kidney and 138 liver have been donated from Surat and South Gujarat region.

Mandlewala added, “We are grateful to Neurosurgeon Dr K.C. Jain, doctors and staff of Apple Hospital, Surat for their excellent support to this social cause.”

In India, paediatric heart transplants are rare, whereas, the International Society for heart and lung transplant figures says that approximately 500 to 600 paediatric heart transplants take place globally and 12 per cent of those transplants are done upon children. In India, the scenario is worrisome, as paediatric heart transplants are peculiar and challenging in nature.

In the entire world, only 12 per cent of heart transplants that take place are among children. This is so because paediatric heart transplants are peculiar and challenging in nature. This could also be because dilated cardiomyopathy is not very common among children