Swap kidney transplants performed at two hospitals in Bangalore

Swap transplant has been done earlier within hospitals, but this was the first time ever the swap transplant was between hospitals. The swap kidney transplant was done between Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal and Suguna Hospital Rajajinagar

Image source: Google
Image source: Google

The patient from Columbia Asia Hospital Santosh (name changed) was transplanted a kidney donated by Aparna Krishna (name changed) while Krishna received a kidney donated by Rekha Santosh. Basically, the kidneys have been interchanged between the couples.

The team of doctors who worked on the transplant surgery at Columbia Asia Hospital was Dr Ajit K Huligol, Dr Sudhakar, Dr Girish, Dr Arun, Dr Sham and Dr Ravindran.

The doctors started preparing at 4:00 am in the morning for the transplant surgery, the green corridor was organised between 8:15 am to 8:45 am in the morning. The entire transplant surgery was completed by 10:00 am successfully and currently, the recipients and donors are healthy and recovering.

Firstly, the kidney from Suguna Hospital was sent to Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal and later within minutes the kidney from Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal as sent across to Suguna Hospital.

Within the span of 15-20 minutes, both the kidneys had been inter-changed, and the doctors were very thankful to the Bangalore Traffic Police, for organising green corridors.

“Usually the swap transplants take place within hospitals due to logistics issue, but this a rare instance because the swapping was done between two different hospitals. All hospitals, should unite together for such causes, at least the hospitals in the city it would be easier and many patients would be benefitted out of this” says Dr Ajit K. Huligol, Director and Chief transplant surgeon, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal.

“It’s a way forward surgery, we expect more and more people to come forward for organ donation. Despite all the hurdles, basically between both the couples, they need to understand mutually. Emotionally the patients need to be very strong, the whole human entity is involved in this.  Medical and the social aspect has to come in sink, from the couples coming from different socio-economic backgrounds” said Dr S Sudhakar, Consultant Nephrologist, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal.

“The couple who came to Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal, Santosh and Rekha were looking for a swap transplant. We couldn’t find a match internally at our hospital and later checked with all possible nephrologists in town, where finally we could find Dr Sanjay’s patient Krishna and Aparna who were also looking for a swap donor. Fortunately, the blood groups between the recipients and the donors matched and we could go ahead with the surgery today, though the legal procedures, took a lot of time, as it was between two different hospitals,” says Dr Girish Namagondlu, Consultant – Nephrologist and Transplant Specialist, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal.