Organ donation: Strangers become family for 22-year-old patient

Rehan, a 22-year-old, was diagnosed with Heart and Lungs failure in May 2018. The donated Heart and Lungs were transported to Fortis Hospital, Mulund from Apollo Hospital, Belapur covering a distance of 22KM in just 25 minutes


“I have witnessed a patient’s state of mind and what the family feels when the patient is about to enter the operation theatre. When my daughter underwent a heart transplant, I have experienced everything. While preparing for the surgery, we wanted that someone could come and talk to us, sit close by and support us, and encourage us. Rehan is not my blood relative, but, we have a connection from the heart,” says Azad Shaikh, Suhana’s father.

Azad and his daughter Suhana, who underwent heart transplant surgery a year ago, sat beside 22-year-old Rehan, the whole intervening night of Tuesday and Wednesday. Both the father-daughter duo had a sleepless night, but now they are happy, as Rehan’s heart transplant was successful.

Through a press release, Fortis Hospital informed:

‘A team of cardiac specialists from Fortis Hospital, Mulund, led by Dr Anvay Mulay, director, cardiothoracic surgery and heart transplant, successfully transplanted heart and lungs into a single recipient, a 22-year-old man from Jalana, Maharashtra, on September 12.

It became possible after the wife and family of a 49-year-old man consented to donate the man’s organs. Perfect synchronisation between clinicians, medical social workers and nursing teams across both the hospitals.

Rehan was waitlisted in May 2018 for transplant, after being diagnosed with Heart and Lung failure. The donated heart and lungs were transported to Fortis Hospital, Mulund from Apollo Hospital, Belapur. The organs left Apollo Hospital at 08:08 am, reaching Fortis Hospital, Mulund at 08:20 am, covering a distance of 22 kms in 25 minutes.’

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Azad Shaikh said, “Rehan’s family stays in Jalana. When he received a call from the hospital, he was alone, and his family members were not with him. Therefore, we decided to stay here in the hospital to complete the formalities and to boost his morale. Rehan was scared and under pressure. However, when I informed him that Suhana had also undergone the heart transplant, his pressure had reduced.”

Azad Shaikh concluded by saying, we need to spread awareness about Organ Transplant so that more and more people will come forward and donate their organs.