Organ donation: Nashik family’s Diwali gift helps give a new life to someone in need

As we celebrate Diwali this year, it is also important to remember that they are many people who are waitlisted for an organ transplant. A cadaver donation in Nashik helped give one person a new lease of life and helped give someone the gift of sight

organ donation

Diwali is a festival of light, but for many people who are blind, it is colourless and dark for them. But a family’s noble gesture has probably helped give two people the gift of sight. It has also helped save one person from the brink of death.

The organ donation occurred on Sunday, October 27 at Six Sigma Hospital in Nashik. The patient was a 65-year-old female named Bharti Deore. She had a fall while cleaning the floor of her house in preparation for Diwali.

She had a head injury and was immediately rushed to the hospital. A brain surgery was performed on her but it was of no help as the injury was grave. The doctors at the hospital declared her as brain-dead on Friday, October 25 at Suyash Hospital in Nashik.

The family was aware of the concept of organ donation and gave their consent after being counselled. The liver was retrieved by the team of doctors. The family had also agreed to donate the patient’s eyes. The retrieval was done in Six Sigma Hospital in Nashik

Raki De, an organ transplant coordinator at Six Sigma Hospital said, “The organ donation happened on Sunday, October 27. Since 2015, this is Nashik’s 17th organ donation.”

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Madhukar Deore, the husband of the deceased patient, said, “Organ donation gives a new lease of life to someone who is in dire need. We knew about the process of organ donation and took a decision to donate organs. We have donated eyes and liver of my wife.”

Her son-in-law, Dr Sanjay Ahire, an oncosurgeon at Suyash Hospital, informed, “My mother-in-law was fond of social work. This is why we decided to donate her organs. She was declared brain-dead in Suyash Hospital. This gesture will benefit society as it will help give someone a gift of life.”

The deceased patient’s eyes will help someone see the light for the first time and it will make turn a dark Diwali to a bright and colourful one. While his liver will help a waitlisted person get a new lease of life.