Organ donation: Mother saves daughter’s life by donating her kidney

A successful kidney transplant was performed in Sassoon General Hospital in Pune on Friday, November 02. This was 11th kidney transplant operation performed successfully in Sassoon Hospital

Sasson--Kidney-Live organ donation: Mother donates kidney to daughter in Pune

Pournima Yadav, a 19-year-old patient was suffering from chronic kidney disease since last three years.  Due to rheumatoid arthritis, her both kidneys were failed.  Since last six months she was on dialysis in Sassoon General Hospital, Pune.

Considering her young age, expert doctors advised kidney transplant to her.  Her mother, who is 39-year-old woman was willing to donate her kidney to daughter.

The kidney transplant was performed on her in Sassoon General Hospital on November 2, 2018.  Thus, a mother gave a new life to her daughter by donating her own kidney.

Under the guidance of the Dean Dr Ajay Chandanwale transplant team consisted of Dr Abhay Sadare, Dr Govind Kasat, Dr Suresh Patankar, Dr Rajesh Shrotri, Dr Nachiket Purnadare, Dr Shankar Mundhe Anaesthesists Dr Vidya Kelkar, Dr Surekha Shinde and Dr Yogesh Gavali, Dr Harish Tatiya.

On the occasion of this, Dr Ajay Chandanwale, Dean of Sassoon Hospital, said, “The government institutes are now at par with many private institutions and has shown the light of hope to many poor and needy patients who cannot afford the expensive treatment at private hospital.   .  Expenses were done through .   This is an effort to strengthen government hospitals as middle-class patients do not afford private hospital.”