Organ donation: ‘It was her lifetime wish to have her organs donated’

Shama (name changed), a 30-year-old woman had expressed her wish to be organ donor when she was alive and on being declared brain-dead, her family fulfilled her wish. The woman who succumbed to her illness gave new lease of life to a 67-year-old man, by donating her liver


Shama was brought to Aditya Birla Hospital because of large intracranial bleed. For last 15 years she was on medication for SLE Lupus nephritis. It is a connective tissue disorder which affects all organs.

Both the donor and the recipient were operated at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital in Pune.

The only sister of three brothers, Shama had expressed the wish to donate her organs to her parents. The family decided to fulfil her wish and expressed their willingness for organ donation.

“The patient’s family had agreed to donate all organs. However her kidney and heart had got affected because of her illness. But her liver was in good condition. It was donated to a 67 year old man who was suffering from NASH related chronic liver disease. The patient was an asthma patient who had a history of degenerative complete heart blockage and was on pacemaker. The entire procedure was very critical and the entire transplant surgery took 12 hours” shared Dr Urvi Shukla, Senior Intensive care consultant at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital.

The procedure of organ retrieval was conducted by a team of doctors of Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital which included Dr Prashanth Rao Surgeon, Dr Urvi Shukla and ICU Team, Dr Ameya and anaesthesia team.

According to Rekha Dubey, CEO, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, the hospital which has been recognized for organ transplants, “The process of declaring a patient brain-dead to broaching the subject of organ donation with the family is a delicate one and fraught with emotions and uncertainties. The extreme grief of losing a near one and yet coming forward for the common cause of doing good for the humanity is a courageous act by the family. The society is gradually getting sensitised to the concept of brain stem death and organ donation.”