Organ donation: ‘I feel good that even when my parents left this world, they still helped it’

It is very rare to see a couple donating their body and organs and creating an example for the society. This case was an exception as it not usually observed that children would donate their mother’s organs and father’s body. Their selfless gesture has help save the lives of others and also help medical students learn about the workings of the human body


He and his sister have set a very brave example by deciding to turn a sorrowful event into something meaningful and contributing to society. Being aware about the dual concepts of organ and body donation, Gunjan refused to let grief pull him down, he is grateful that the death of his parents has helped give a new life to others and also help the medical community.

Gunjan Bhagat, the son of Shobha Bhagat and Ashok Bhagat took an initiative and went ahead and made a noble gesture.

Last year in October, Shobha, a 61-year-old woman became brain-dead. Following which her liver and pancreas were donated. Just ten days ago, Gunjan father, who was 71-years-old passed away, even though it came as a shock to him, he made a resolution to donate his father’s for medical education purpose.

Gunjan, a Pune resident, said, “When I lost my mother, I did not want to go by the conventional method of what people do when someone passes away. When my mother became brain-dead, I knew donating organs meant giving someone a new opportunity to live again. And it could definitely help someone who is in urgent need of an organ transplant. Though there was societal pressure, we tried convincing our family members, and went for organ donation.”

He added, “In my father’s case, we decided to go in for body donation. These are the noble causes, and I feel good that even when my parents left the world, they helped the world in some way.” “”

The thought that the organs and the body, should help others even though we have a lost our loved ones, especially our parents who are our support system and our heroes,  is an inspiring one and those who are who are practising it are encouraging others to do the same.

Dr Ajay Chandanwale, Dean of B.J. Medical College, said, “We are getting one or two body donations per week. If more people come ahead to donate the bodies of the departed, it will help in educating medical students over here.”