Organ donation: Hema Malini and Soha Ali Khan lead Asli HERO campaign

On Organ Donation Day (August 13), saw veteran actress and favourite of a billion Indians, Hema Malini and bestselling author and actress Soha Ali Khan appeal to citizens via twitter, to be an Asli HERO

Organ donation: Hema Malini and Soha Ali Khan spearhead Asli HERO campaign

An Asli HERO is an acronym for someone who ‘Helps Everyone Recycle Organs.’  The use of the world ‘Help’ in the acronym ‘HERO’ recognises that there is an entire ecosystem that holistically makes organ donation possible.

The Asli HERO campaign is jointly presented by the charitable Amar Gandhi Foundation and ROTTO SOTTO (regional and state organ and tissue transplant organisation), Mumbai, set up under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

Actresses Swaroop Sampat and Pooja Chopra also joined the campaign, along with the doctors at the Amar Gandhi Foundation. Rekha Rana too pledged her support.

Dr Bhupendra Gandhi of Amar Gandhi Foundation says, “There is an entire ecosystem that enables organ and tissue donation. The process involves the doctors and ICU supervisors who identify and maintain the potential donor, the surgeons who make available the organs and tissues, the transplant coordinator who coordinates the process, and most important, the relatives who make the decision to donate at such a difficult time in their lives . Everyone is a HERO.”

Dr Astrid Lobo Gajiwala, Director, ROTTO SOTTO Western Region, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India added, “In supporting this campaign ROTTO hopes to promote organ and tissue donation after death so as to reduce the chasm between the need and availability of organs and tissues; debunk some of the myths attached to brain-stem death and the donation of organs and tissues after death.”

ROTTO SOTTO would like to emphasise that in donating organs and tissues one can add years to the life of patients dying from end stage organ failure and bring quality life to the years of patients struggling with debilitating diseases.”

Interested donors can register on