Organ donation: Brain-dead woman helps save three lives in Aurangabad

The family of a 25-year-old woman consented to donate her organs after she was declared brain-dead, this selfless act went on to save three patients who were waiting for an organ transplant. This was the 6th organ donation which has taken place in Aurangabad, so far this year

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A cadaver donation took place at Aurangabad’s Manik Hospital on Wednesday, August 22.  Shubhada Bane (name changed), a 25-year-old female patient became brain-dead, due to bleeding in the brain.

The doctors at the hospital stated, that upon examination they found out that she had a tumour in the brain. This resulted in a large circulation and caused severe bleeding in the brain. She was declared as brain-dead after this happened.

Organ Donation-Month

The aggrieved relatives of the patient were counselled and were made aware about the concept of organ donation. Even as they mourned her death, they took a noble decision to donate her organs. Their decision has helped save three lives.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Manoj Gadekar , the ZTCC central transplant coordinator from Aurangabad, said, “The relatives made this hard decision after being counselled at the hospital. Their selfless gesture has helped enrich the lives of three people. One kidney and a liver was retain for organ transplants at Manik Hospital. While the other kidney was sent to Bajaj Hospital, Aurangabad.  Overall, this is the 21st organ donation witnessed in the Aurangabad circle and 6th organ donation, so far in 2018.”