Organ donation: Brain-dead man gives new life to six patients in Pune

An organ donation performed at Sassoon Hospital on Tuesday. The family of brain-dead patient consented to donated two corneas, two kidneys, a liver and a heart which helped save six lives. The patient was brought to the hospital after he met with an accident and was declared brain-dead later. According to the hospital authority, this is Sassoon Hospital's seventh cadaver donation

Organ donation: Brain-dead man gives new life to six patients in Pune

On being asked about this organ donation,  the dean of Sassoon Hospital, Dr Ajay Chandanwale said, “The family members of the deceased made a very brave decision by donating the organs and saving so many lives. The heart was donated to Ruby Hall Clinic, and the liver was sent to Sahyadri Hospital. The corneas gave the gift of sight to two patients.”

Dr Chandanwale added, “In the past one and a half years there have been six cadaver donations at Sassoon Hospital. The donations have been made by three brain-dead men and three brain-dead women who donated 21 organs, in total.”

He said, “With the growing awareness of organ donation, many people are coming forward to help give a new lease of life to many others. As we have recently got a permission to carry out liver transplants, with these donations we will be able to carry out these transplants too.”

The heart and liver of the brain-dead patient on Tuesday was taken to private hospitals in the city, while the eyes are at the eye bank in Sassoon Hospital.

The heart recipient was a 22-year-old man. Surekha Joshi from Ruby Hall Clinic informed that the patient was suffering from cardiomyopathy or heart failure from the last three years.

She said, “He could not undergo a surgery earlier, as his weight and the weight of the patient did not match. He became fit for the transplant a few days back. He has been in line for a transplant since the last one and a half month,” said Joshi.

Speaking about the cadaver donation, Arti Gokhale, Zonal Transplant Co-ordination Center (ZTCC) said, “The patient’s brother gave consent as his father is no more and his mother is very old. The kidneys might be used at Sassoon Hospital but are awaiting cross-match reports. Then it will be decided.”