Organ donation: Brain-dead man gives new lease of life to four patients in Mumbai

The family of a 46-year-old man his organs after he was declared brain-dead, this selfless act went on to save four patients who were waiting for an organ transplant. This was the 32nd organ donation which has taken place in Mumbai, so far this year

Mr. Suresh Panchal with his wife - Picture 2

A cadaver donation took place at Vile Parle’s Nanavati Hospital on Wednesday, August 15, 2018. Suresh Panchal, a 46-year-old male patient became brain-dead, due to bleeding in the brain.

The family had suffered a huge loss. However, even during the hour of grief, Suresh Panchal’s son did not forget his father’s wish. Suresh Panchal’s son, Hritik Panchal convinced his mother and sisters that the organs need to be donated. After counselling the family members, the rest of the family agreed to donate the organs of Suresh Panchal.

Suresh Panchal
Suresh Panchal

Organ donation transplant co-ordinator, Sangeetha Desai, informed, “The relatives took this decision after being counselled at the hospital. Their noble gesture has helped enrich the lives of four people. The organs which were donated are his heart, liver and kidneys. The heart was sent to Fortis Hospital, Chennai. While the liver and one kidney were retained by Nanavati Hospital, the other kidney was sent to Fortis Hospital, Mulund.”

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