Organ donation: A year on, Aaradhya follows what her heart wants

Exactly, a year ago, she underwent a heart transplant, which she got from a 14 month old brain-dead child from Surat. Looking at one year journey of her daughter after heart transplant, the parents of Aaradhya stated that all credit goes to the donor family who overcame their grief and gave their consent to donate organs and saved life of others


A five and half year old girl, Aaradhya Mule after one year of heart transplant surgery can talk, walk, eat and play. She leads a normal life now. Today, she will complete one year of her heart transplant.

Aaradhya was diagnosed with end-stage heart disease called Dilated Cardiomyopathy in April 2016. It is a heart condition where the heart’s pumping efficiency drops considerably. It is a condition where the heart becomes very weak and enlarged, thereby, affecting the blood reaching lungs, liver and other organs.


With only 10% of her heart functioning, she used to be admitted in hospital every fortnight for two to three days. So far, since the diagnosis, she has been hospitalised more than 30-35 times and was home bound.

Yogesh and Pratibha, parents of Aaradhya when looked at their one year journey they felt relieved, but they never forgot to give thanks to the donor family. While speaking to My Medical Mantra, they talked about movement of ‘Save Aaradhya to Aaradhya saved’. They also gave thanks to those who were involved in this campaign. There are thousands of people taking part in this campaign and creating awareness for cadaver donation.


“With many blessings Aaradhya really doing well. After the heart transplant, there is a lot of improvement which has led her to live complete normal life. She is not dependent upon us; she is enjoying her friends circle and playing different games with them. There is a no restriction about food. She can eat anything without any hesitation. For precaution we used to still put mask on face to avoid any kind of infection,” said, Yogesh Mule.


After Aaradhya’s heart transplant to keep her away from any kind of pollution and overcrowding, her parents had made a special arrangement for stay which is very close to the Fortis hospital. There were some restrictions over visits of people, they maintain the hygiene well. She has spent almost 10 months in this house. But, last month she was shifted to the old house at Kalamboli. As per her wish, after doctor’s consultation, she will soon visit resort.

While adult cadaver donations were happening, the biggest challenge faced by doctors was to get a donor for child like Aaradhya. She needed a donor where the donor weighed below 30 kilos and matches the blood group.


To spread awareness on organ donation and to save Aaradhya, My Medical Mantra ran social media campaign called ‘#SaveAaradhya’ that trended in India and various parts of the country. My Medical Mantra has been following Aaradhya’s progress closely and has also appealed to its readers to spread a word that she desperately needs a heart donor through #SaveAaradhya campaign.

“Describing one year journey after the heart transplant I can’t express in words. It has a lot of emotions, pain and happiness. Before the heart transplant of Aaradhya and now after the transplant it’s a huge difference in life. She can do everything, she loved to dance. She enjoys dancing and she is very talkative with all people. I am very thankful to the donor and his family, without them we can’t see today,” said Pratibha.

“We are also thankful to Dr Anyav Mule, the NGO Donate Life from Surat and Fortis management, without their efforts and support this wouldn’t have been possible,” added Pratibha.