Organ donation: A doctor couple takes a unique oath before marriage

Usually, before getting married, the couple promises to love each other throughout the life, to support each other through the thick and thin. Along with the same promises, a Pune couple married in an unconventional way, by pledging to donate their organs


On Sunday, Dr Pratik Raut, the groom who is oral and maxillo-facial surgeon and is consulting at different hospitals in Pune, married Dr Uttara Deshpande, a forensic odontologist.

Before the rituals began, the groom gave a special presentation on organ donation to all the attendants. Both of them also filled the form for organ donation. Along with the lunch tables, the wedding also had special tables where attendants were filling their consent form for organ donation.


One organ donor can save up to eight lives. In order to spread the message of organ donation, this couple has gone extra miles. Talking about their efforts to create awareness on organ donation, Dr Raut said, “I witness patients who could have been saved if they would have got the organs at the correct time. Society is still unaware about the organ donation. I took my wedding as an opportunity to spread the awareness regarding the same.”

Dr Pratik and Dr Uttara
Dr Pratik and Dr Uttara

He added, “Many people liked the idea. I hope that people will get inspire by this and will do same thing in their family get-togethers or some other social events. That is how the awareness can be created.”

Dr Raut gave a presentation to all the invitees on need to donate organs. He had also taken help of a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) called ‘Rebirth’, which works for the cause of organ donation.


Rajesh Shetty, founder of Rebirth, Pune, said, “It is a novel idea to spread awareness on organ donation. All the guests at the wedding were inquiring and were clearing their doubts. Around 25 people have  filled their form for organ donation.”