Ordeal of UP woman living with 12 kg ovarian tumour ends, Mumbai hospital gives her a new lease of life

Dr Rajshree Katke from Cama and Albless hospital, removed the 12 kg tumour which was attached to uterus and ureter. It took 3 hours to remove the tumour. The tumour was a non-cancerous ovarian tumour

Ordeal of UP women living with 12 Kg ovarian tumour ends, Mumbai hospital gives her a new lease of life
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While several hospitals refused to treat her, a 45-year-old woman from Basti district in Uttar Pradesh, carrying a giant ovarian tumour since last year, found a new lease of life after she underwent a surgery at Mumbai’s Cama and Albless hospital

Murta Devi’s journey to this new life was not easy. She was refused treatment by several hospitals in Uttar Pradesh, but hopeful, she decided to come to Mumbai to seek treatment.

“I was suffering from stomach pain and bleeding and simultaneously, the size of my stomach grew day by day. I suffered for almost a year, but nobody was ready to treat me. Meanwhile, the size of my stomach kept increasing. I was really worried because we did not have any financial support,” said Devi.

Mother of three, her concern for her kids kept motivating her to find a cure for her condition, Devi’s elder son works in Mumbai as a cart painter. She also has a 19-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter, both are students.

“For every mother, her kids and family are an important part of life. The thought of losing my life kept haunting me, but I wanted to be with my kids to see their happiness. My eldest son works in Mumbai as a cart painter and he brought me to the city for treatment,” said Devi.

Her husband who works as a labourer said it was difficult for them to get the treatment done at a private hospital.

On April 19, Dr Rajshree Katke, a gynaecologist and medical superintendent of Cama and Albless hospital, removed a 12kg tumour, which was attached to her uterus and ureter. Katke said the case was difficult to be treated.

“Initially, when she came to us she was suffering from breathlessness. After CT scan and blood investigation, we came to the conclusion that it was a non-cancerous ovarian tumour,” Katke said.

Speaking about the tumour Katke said, “It was like five babies inside her womb”. It took three hours to remove the tumour.

Devi is feeling better now and is desperately waiting to return to her hometown.

“I am missing my children and I want see them as soon as possible,” said Devi, feeling content that her decision to come to Mumbai for treatment has given her a new life.