‘Optimistic approach towards life is my fitness mantra’

Dr Mansing Pawar, Dean, Government Dental College and Hospital, who is 64-year-old, is a fitness enthusiast. Along with his responsibilities as a dean he equally takes care of his fitness routine without letting it go for a toss


In the hectic schedule, people often give it a miss to their fitness routine. But Dr Mansing Pawar is an exception. He strikes a perfect balance between his work and fitness regime. “Instead of stressing over everything have an optimistic approach. Body gets energy due to positive attitude. I learnt this from my father,” said Pawar.

To keep an optimistic approach towards life, it is necessary to have a fit mind and body. Dr Pawar wakes up at 4:00 am and does yoga for half-an-hour. And he makes it a point to sleep for at least 6 hours.

Dr Mansing Pawar
Dr Mansing Pawar

“In the night, some people are awake without reason. People should understand the importance of time. But, some budding doctors fail to understand the importance of time and keep on falling sick. Doctors have to be on toes round the clock, which results into stress. Doing pranayama or yoga everyday can help combat stress,” said Pawar.”

Dr Pawar equally takes care of his diet. He doesn’t have lunch. After having breakfast, Dr Pawar has his dinner. “People tend to eat a lot in morning and afternoon and do not eat anything at night. This is right. Since many years, I only have food at night and I have got this habit from my father. I am used to it now,” said Dr Pawar.