‘Ophthalmology is my life’

Continuing with our series on strong, independent women who have made a contribution to society with their dedication and determination in the field of medicine, we bring you the story of Dr Ragini Parekh. Dr Parekh works tirelessly to protect and save the eyesight and restore the vision of patients. She also voluntarily participates in health camps across Maharashtra


“I had dream to become a doctor, which I completed. To check patients and to care for them is what I like. I do not get bored of my work. Ophthalmology is my life,” says Dr Ragini Parekh, HOD, Ophthalmology, JJ Hospital,

Whenever we think of Ophthalmology, the first name we think about Dr Ragini Parekh. She handles the ophthalmology department at Mumbai’s Sir JJ Group of Hospitals. She lives to provide service to her patient. Her patients are her priority.

Dr Parekh is someone who helped shine a light upon the darkness, and is somebody who has literally let light enter into the life of many people.

“I always wanted to be doctor. I wanted to be gynaecologist but my work, led me to become an ophthalmologist. During my initial days, I used to do just one surgery, but with guidance of my seniors I have started performing 40-50 surgeries now. During camps, they even cross a100,” she stated.

Since last the 25 years, Dr Ragini has been ceaselessly working to help her patients and to restore the vision of countless patients.

Dr Parekh said, “I love my patients a lot. I do not leave the hospital without seeing them. My relationship with my patients is one of love and understanding and it goes beyond the routine doctor-patient relationship.”

She added, “I patiently explaining everything related to my patients health and well-being. It doesn’t tire me at all. I am a doctor, but, I am a human being first.”

She further said, “I am not a mother, but I treat all my patients like I am their mother.”

It takes less time for an eye surgery compared to other surgeries, but it has its challenges too. “A small mistake and it might lead to death of an eye. Eye surgery is always challenging. I always feel that every patient should go with best results. I give my 100 per cent. When patients can see and the happiness on their face is real happiness for us,” Dr Parekh explained.

With immense dedication a person can achieve anything. She concluded by saying, “Liking what you do, the willingness to never give up and hard work have brought me here. Any work requires you to put in your efforts and determination. And if your near ones are with you, then you can achieve anything.”