Online Continuous Medical Education, soon a reality in India

The Continuous Medical Education (CME) is mandatory for every doctor in India to ensure they keep updating their knowledge. The points collected from attending CMEs help them in renewal of registration

 Indian Medical Association

The World Medical Association (WMA), on Tuesday came out with a circular of making the Continuous Medical Education (CME) digital. This means that the CME’s will be conducted online by making it easier for medical professionals across the country more connected and better informed.

WMA’s initiative will help to bridge a gap between high and low resource countries. Dr. Otmar Kloiber, the Secretary General of WMA said, “Online education provides a unique opportunity to connect the top educators with physicians improving knowledge and healthcare regardless of geographical location”.

Another exciting aspect is to provide physicians in developing nations with access to world class education. Educators that charge for their courses are requested to allow them to be distributed to physicians in developing nations for free. “With an umbrella membership of over 10M physicians, the WMA seeks to influence medical ethics, human rights and equal access to medical education around the world,” added Dr Kloiber. In many cases these courses also count towards the legislated learning requirements imposed on professionals in order to renew their licenses to practice.

“It’s a good initiative. Indian Medical Association (IMA), being affiliated to WMA, welcomes this move. Technology, if used properly, can empower and educate physicians worldwide. Especially, in rural areas it is a very nice idea to update latest innovations,” said Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, Elect (National) president of Indian Medical Association.

City doctors termed it as an amazing move, given that the world is moving towards a digital direction. “This is a great step as it will be convenient for everybody. It is a time-effective step and will help in greater interaction among doctors,” said Dr Abhijit Kale, assistant professor, Orthopaedic department at LTGM Sion Hospital.

Furthermore, this seems like a much awaited and needed step for the doctors too. “All over the world, the CME’s are given online. So, this step in India is welcomed with open hands. Indian Medical Association is trying to go online too. And very soon, this will be a reality,” said Dr Shivkumar Utture, Treasurer, IMA Maharashtra.

He further explained the working of the system. “Every doctor will be given an individual number to login with. Once they log in and hear out the session, a set of questions will be asked. That will be a part of the criteria of evaluating for the credit points,” added Dr Utture.

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