One Rupee Clinic to soon provide medical aid at your doorstep

With ‘One Rupee Clinic’ gaining popularity in Mumbai, it has added a new feature by starting free home facility for CT scan, MRI, USG bookings as well as a pick up facility for senior citizens

One Rupee Clinic to soon provide medical aid at your doorstep

In an attempt to make diagnostic tests affordable, the ‘One Rupee Clinic’, an initiative by a Mumbai doctor in making healthcare cheaper for the common man, has now decided to get the tests available at door steps for senior citizens.

The ‘One Rupee Clinic’ was an initiative started in May this year to help patients who can’t afford treatment at different railway stations in Mumbai.

“The idea is to reach to as many senior citizens as possible. In our new initiative, we are starting free home facility for CT SCAN, MRI, USG bookings as well as pick up facility for senior citizens. This is one step ahead towards convenience, availability and cost effective of health services for common man,” said Dr Rahul Ghule, CEO of One Rupee Clinic.

He said the services will be available 24/7 and all over Mumbai. “Our initiative will help senior citizens save 30 to 40 per cent of the money they will otherwise spend for diagnostic tests. Also, it will be time saving. The current waiting time for MRI CT at KEM Hospital, JJ Hospital and BYL Nair Hospital is about 40 days, one rupee clinic will do it on same day,” said Dr Ghule.

The One Rupee Clinic will also provide free consultation from their doctors, informed Dr Ghule.

“Our idea is to play a midway role between government and private hospitals to avail affordable healthcare for all,” said Dr Ghule.

About six months ago, an initiative titled, ‘One Rupee Clinic’ was started wherein doctors voluntarily give medical treatment for a rupee at select railway stations. Currently, the clinic is available at various stations like Dadar, Kurla, Ghatkoper, Vashi, Wadala Road and Mulund.

The cost of the healthcare services and the medical treatment has increased almost three-fold in recent past. Healthcare facilities are now looking beyond the common man’s reach. They cannot afford better healthcare facilities due to financial constraints. The budget of a household collapses, if the cost of medical care goes beyond expenditure.