Mumbai building collapse: ‘Cellphone’ saves second life

On Thursday, five-storeyed building collapsed in south Mumbai's Bhendi Bazaar. On Friday, the death toll rose to 34. Amongst those who came back alive, was Afzal Shaikh. Shaikh was trapped under the rubble. Finally, he was able to contact the police and was saved on time. Afzal Sheikh was as lucky as Ahmed Ali, who got a new lease of life due to his cell phone.

'One phone call saved my life’

‘Miracles do happen’, proved to be right in case of Afzal Shaikh, who was pulled out of the Bhendi Bazaar building collapse. In his case, his mobile proved to be a boon for him and helped him get a new lease of life.

Afzal Sheikh, who works in a Taylor’s shop at the ground floor, noticed the cracks in the building.  Before he could do anything, the building collapsed and he was trapped under the rubble, but still, he had mobile phone in his hand.

Sheikh tried to dial the number 100 for help, but due to poor network, he couldn’t make a call. He kept on trying and finally, he managed to contact police and pleaded them to save him. After two to three hours, he was successfully pulled out of the rubble by the police.

Sheikh has suffered head, hand and a leg injury.  Currently, he is being treated at JJ hospital, in ward number 18, on third floor.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra Afzal Sheikh said, “Since a year, the shop in which I work was shifted in this building. This incident has shocked me. It is only because of my mobile, I am alive today. As, after I dialled 100 number and police traced and saved me.”

He added, “Four people work in the shop amongst which one is woman. But since her duty begins at 11:00 am, she didn’t get any injuries. But in the building collapse, Tailor shop owner’s 12 year-old son Altaf Mansuri lost his life.”

Like Sheikh, Ali, (21) a native of Uttar Pradesh was trapped under the rubble and had dialed number 100 for help. He is presently being treated at JJ Hospital’s ward 18 for multiple fractures in both lower limbs.