‘One might need an organ in future, let’s become a donor first…’

Sunayana Arora Singh serves as the CEO of ORGAN (Organ Receiving and Giving Awareness Network) India. She represents ORGAN India on various platforms and has been felicitated twice by the National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for her commitment to the cause

Sunayana Arora Singh
Sunayana Arora Singh

Q. You started work in 2013. What is the difference you notice in the level of awareness?

A. Awareness levels have risen from earlier. A few years ago, I had arranged a session for awareness, and not a single person attended it. However, today people are inviting us to conduct awareness sessions.

Q. Your organisation conducts sessions when people call you at their office, schools, or colleges. How is the response there?

A. We are getting more and more calls from schools, colleges, and offices. People even call us at their weddings and ask us to conduct a session on organ donation. Sometimes, when it is not possible for us to go to remote areas, we send our information brochures and guide the people there on how to spread the information.

Q. Are you getting enough volunteers?   

A. To create more awareness, we always are in need of more volunteers. However, we need serious volunteers.

Q. Do people come up with questions like, are these organs going to treat the poor? Do you have any hidden motive, when you ask us for organ donation? Are people still sceptical and unaware of the procedural part?

A. Yes, people are sceptical. They come up with such questions because they are never informed about organ donation procedure. It is not religion that is hindering the acceptance of organ donation, but it is lack of information and awareness which is leading to such doubts by people.

Organ Donation-Month

Q. What message would you like to give to our readers?

A: Everyone should remember that we might be an organ receiver in future, so let’s be organ donor also. Anybody might want organ for oneself. It is, therefore, a shared responsibility to sign up for organ donation.

Q: What are your demands from the government?

A: Government should launch a nationwide campaign on organ donation. They should also fund the NGO’s who are working in the field of organ donation.