One kiss can be harmful for your baby

Wow! The baby is so cute! Can I touch him, play with him or kiss him? Are some common questions we ask, when we meet a new born. Sometimes, the elderly people of the family stop us from touching or kissing the baby. Well! There is a strong reason behind it


Often, we kiss the babies and tend to forget that they might develop infections.  To top it all, the baby can also fall sick. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Rohit Narvekar, paediatrician said, “After deliver, if the mother has infection and if she kisses the baby. There are high changes that the baby can also get infection. While, those who come to see the baby, they often kiss. And if they are suffering from cough or cold even the baby can get it and fall sick.”

He added, “I regularly see parents to come to me complaining about baby’s ill health. The reason behind it is that, people often kiss the baby. Many parents aren’t aware of the serious consequences. Due to which, they neglect it.”

You can help prevent your infection from being passed to your baby by taking some simple precautions: 

  • Wash your hands properly before and after you feed, change and hold your baby.
  • Cover your mouth and nose every time you sneeze or cough, especially when you are near your baby.
  • Don’t kiss the baby every now and then.
  • Keep your surroundings clean, particularly the areas where your baby likes to crawl and play.
  • If you are ill stay away from the baby.
  • Take special care of babies who have heart ailments

Dr Samir Dalwai, president of Indian Academy of Paediatrics- Mumbai Chapter said, “Germs from the body of the person enter the child’s body. The baby spends most of his time with his mother. So, if the mother is suffering from any diseases even the baby can get affected. Be careful before touching the baby, as an appropriate development of child is of utmost importance.”