One day event in Pune to focus on organ donation, through short films

An exclusive event in Pune titled as ‘Rebirth’ aims to bring the issue of organ donation in the limelight. Although there is an awareness about organ donations regarding vital organs, this competition will bring other types of organ donations to the forefront

One day event in Pune to focus on organ donation, through short films

In order to raise awareness about organ donation, a unique approach is being used in Pune. This is an initiative by a Pune based NGO called ‘Rebirth’ which had organised a short film competition known as ‘Green Corridor’. The competition, will see participants from Kolkata, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Kashmir and Maharashtra.

This competition which is one of its kind will be a one day event in Pune at National Film Archives of India (Pune) on August 10. Around 40 short films of five minute each will be screened here.

While explaining the purpose behind this competition, Rajesh Shetty, President of Rebirth, said, “We had conducted many awareness workshops, but it has its limitations as we cannot reach to a wider population. Whereas, film is the medium through which we can sharing stories on the platform of social media, as a result of this can reach out to the widest population.”

Aarti Gokhale, Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee (ZTCC), said, “There are many people who die as they cannot get an organ on the right time. There is a need to create awareness so that these lives which could have been saved will be saved. It is in this regard that such short films are important.”

Shetty further said, “Maximum participants for the competition are common people who have tried to shoot a film using their mobile phones. But at the same time, many people have taken up the topic of cornea donation, which indicates that many are not aware about other types of organ donations.”

The screening will be conducted between 6pm to 9pm in the evening, followed by the prize distribution for this event.