Nurse assaulted in Kerala, 400 doctors and their staffs go on strike

Assaulting medical practitioners by the common man is an ugly leitmotif in India these days. In a fresh case, a nurse in Kerala was assaulted on Thursday, while she was to vaccinate children from the GLP School in Edavur under the government scheme

Nurse assaulted in Kerala, 400 doctors and their staffs goes on strike

Around 11 am on Thursday morning, as Shyamala Bhai, a nurse entered the GLP School in Mallapuram district in Edavur, Kerala; she noticed the usual hue and cry from people outside. It didn’t seem like a very surprising sight at first because that was always the case with vaccination programmes in the state.

Vaccination programmes are a part of the National Immunisation Scheme across the country and a lot of people have opposed the programme, mainly being from Kerala, saying that it would lead to infertility. Owing to this, as Bhai entered the school; about six people assaulted her by throwing her phone and twisted her hand.

“About 400 doctors and their staffs have gone on a strike to show solidarity. This rubella and measles vaccine is for the children’s good. Out of the six, three have been arrested by the Valanchery police. We have been assured by the authorities that the right action will be taken ahead. Only post this, will we resume work,” said Dr VG Pradeep Kumar, immediate past-President of IMA (Kerala).