Novel idea: Doctor advises bariatric patients to donate old clothes

For a person weighing 143 kilos, coming down to 103 kilos in just one day is like a dream come true. In order to celebrate this, a doctor is Khar is insisting that all his patients give away their old clothes to an NGO. The clothes would not fit the patient as their weight has reduced, it would be better to donate them to the needy instead of discarding them

Novel idea: Doctor advises bariatric patients to donate old clothes

Sunaina Shah (name changed) couldn’t control her tears as she stepped onto the stage to talk about her experience of bariatric surgery on this celebratory occasion, where patients had gathered to thank Dr Shashank Shah. She used to weigh 143 kgs before the surgery.

Obesity is a real problem. But for those who have undergone the phase of being obese, they truly know the value of living a healthy life.

On the celebration of their clinic’s 14th anniversary, Dr Shashank Shah has tying up with an NGO that will give the old clothes to the needy.

“See, the idea is that everyone should be equally happy. My patients are overjoyed after losing their weight and so, when I asked them to donate their old clothes they were more than pleased,” said Dr Shashank Shah, Director of Lapro Obeso Centre and Hinduja Healthcare Services.

The programme which saw about 15 patients who have undergone the surgery, shared their unique experiences and apprehensions before the surgery.

The hospital will collect clothes from the patients for the month and then donate them by the end of December.