Not only you, but even your dog can suffer from bladder stones

Many of us are aware that people can suffer from kidney stones, but did you know that kidney stones can also form in your dog’s kidney and hinder urination. One might think that it is rare for a dog to develop kidney stones, but that is not the case. One of the factors for the formation of kidney stones is a faulty diet


Recently veterinarians at Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals in Mumbai extracted 60 kidney stones from a dog’s bladder.

The dog was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday, November 12. Investigatory reports suggested that the dog was suffering from bladder stones.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr J.C. Khanna, secretary of the Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals, said, “A dog was admitted to the hospital as he was suffering from kidney issues. Reports revealed that the dog had kidney stones. When vets performed the surgery they removed more than 60 stones. He is still undergoing treatment at the hospital.”

“Many times, owners feed dogs with tomatoes and certain food products. These food products can cause kidney stone issues. Dog owners should keep a watch while taking their pets for a stroll and they should monitor whether the dog is urinating or not. If a dog is suffering from urinary issues, it is likely to suffer from kidney stones,” he added.

In a week, Parel Animal Hospital witnessed at least one or two cases of dogs being admitted due to kidney stones.


There are many conditions that can cause kidney stones to form in dogs. Normally, urine is slightly acidic and breaks down minerals, then flushes them out of the body. When urine becomes to acidic or concentrated, salt crystals form and creates stones. An overabundance of these minerals such as calcium in the blood or urine may also lead to stone formation. Here are several factors that can cause kidney stones to form in dogs:

  • Recurrent urinary tract infections
  • Long-term exposure to diuretics
  • Dehydration
  • Improper diet

Symptoms of kidney stones in dogs

Stones may not cause symptoms at all. Symptoms that may be observed are similar to those involved with urinary tract infections and include:

  • Blood in the urine
  • Urinating in odd places
  • Licking at genitals
  • Pain during urination