Not just heart for Ukrainian woman, Surat family revives five more lives with organ donation

The donor for this woman was Ravi Devani a marketing executive who met with an accident in Surat on being diagnosed as brain dead, after doctors counselling the family they were willing to donate his organs so other got a lease of new life

Not just heart for Ukrainian woman, Surat family revives five more lives with organ donation
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A Ukrainian woman received a heart within three days of registration in India, and her donor has not only revived her life, but has also given a ray of hope to five other people.

The Surat donor was Ravi Devani, a marketing executive in Ahmedabad, met with an accident. Due to injury in head and legs, he was admitted to V.S.Hospital. After preliminary treatment, he was shifted to Hope Neurocare hospital. After CT scan, doctors diagnosed the blood clot in the brain. He was operated to remove the blood clot and then on April 9 he was shifted to Unity Hospital in Surat.

On the same day in the evening, he was declared brain-dead by the doctors. Dr Sami Gami and Dr Mahesh Sutariya then called Donate Life and informed about Ravi Devani. Team Donate Life reached to the hospital and started counselling with family members of Ravi Devani.

After counselling by Team Donate Life, his family members decided to donate his organs so that others can get the new lease of life. Team Donate Life informed IKDRC (Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre), Ahmedabad to accept the donation of kidneys, pancreas and liver whereas to accept the donation of eyes, Dr Praful Shiroya was informed from Lok Drashti Chakshu bank.

To accept the donation of heart, Cims hospital and Sterling hospital in Ahmedabad and ZTCC at Pune were informed but there was no recipient of heart with A +ve blood group. Then director of NOTTO (National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization) was informed about the availability of heart. Because there was no Indian patient available for the heart, it was decided to transplant the heart into a foreigner patient.

Team of doctors rushed from IKDRC (Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre), Ahmedabad and accepted donation two of kidneys, liver and pancreas whereas Dr Anvay Mule and his team came from Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai and accepted the donation of heart. The donation of eyes was accepted by Lok Drashti Chakshu Bank.

The donated heart was transplanted into 27 years old lady Natalia Omelchuk living in Ukraine. She was operated by Dr Anvay Mulay and his team at Fortis Hospital in Mulund, Mumbai. Transplantation of two kidneys and pancreas is going on at IKDRC in Ahmedabad whereas liver was transplanted into Umang Bimalbhai Patel (31) living in Surat at IKDRC only.

Not just heart for Ukrainian woman, Surat family revives five more lives with organ donation
Nirav Mandelwala from the Surat NGO for Organ Donation

The heart was taken from Surat’s Unity Hospital to Surat Airport through a green corridor and from there it was taken to Mumbai via aeroplane. After 87 minutes, the heart was reached to 269km far away at Fortis hospital in Mumbai and operation of transplant was begun.

“Family members of Ravi Devnani set an example by giving new life to six people by donating heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas and eyes,” said Nirav Mandelwala (Surat NGO) Organ Donation.

This is also the 10th heart donation in Surat and 9th heart donation from Surat to Mumbai.