#NoMobileKnowFamily: Your child with a smartphone may not be as smart, warn experts 

If gadget hygiene is not maintained, it is observed that children often suffer from insomnia and depression. My Medical Mantra's campaign #NoMobileKnowFamily will help you to overcome your smartphone addiction

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  • Are you proud of your child on how s/he uses smartphones, iPads or any other electronic gadgets so efficiently at their age?
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists point how continuous use of gadgets is making children addicted to it.

In case of four-year-old girl Riya Sharma (name changed), her gadget addiction was so much that this toddler would never have food without an iPad being given in her hand. “The moment iPad or mobile phone was taken away from her, she refused to have food” said Dr Vasant Mundra, a consultant psychiatrist at PD Hinduja Hospital.

Electronic gadgets such as tablets, iPhones, iPads, mobiles phones have become addiction among children. Children as young as two years old are expertly using these devices which is having an adverse impact on their mental and physical health.

Another case, where a five-years-old boy Anmol Gandhi (name changed) would only keep calm when a tablet was given to him to play games. “When his parents got him to me, they complained of him being very restless and at the same time very quiet, where he would only play on tablets and denied playing outdoor games” said Mundra.

Age group around 8 to 14 years old are more inclined towards electronic gadgets. “I have mostly observed the child is either addicted to playing games, chatting to friends or watching pornography online and these addiction often lead them to academic failure, makes them socially inactive and majorly affects their health where they crib on little things or become hyper-active ” said Dr Avinash D’souza, psychiatrist.

Children now-a-days use their fingers more than their hands and chat more than talk. “Gadget hygiene is very important when it concerns children. One of the most important thing is to give your cell phone but do not gift it to them. Make sure when your child is having food, he does not use any gadgets. Kids should be pushed for outdoor games rather than handing them video games” said Dr Harish Shetty, psychiatrists at L H Hiranandani Hospital.

Shetty also said that if gadget hygiene is not maintained, it is observed that children often suffer from insomnia and depression. “Gadget hygiene, like physical hygiene or emotional hygiene, is very important for the family to prevent its misuse” said Shetty.