#NoMobileKnowFamily: Cell phone addiction can affect the parent-child relationship

These days the children don't play at break time anymore, they are just all in front of their smartphones.  It adversely affects the child’s memory. Though, the children are being advised to avoid using cell phones through various activities initiated by the schools. They end up using it. Owing to which, My Medical Mantra’s campaign #NoMobileKnowFamily and appeals people to opt for a ‘gadget-free’ family time

  • Our generation is addicted to smartphone, so much so that they have begun to rule our lives.
  • These days, school going children are also glued to the mobile phones. It takes a toll on their health as well as it affects their academic performance.
  • Limiting cell phone use can be helpful for children.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Prashant Redij, Mumbai School Principals’ Association secretary said, “Students are not allowed to use mobiles in the school. We tell students to limit their mobile usage and they listen to us. But, at home they use mobile for hours. Here, children cannot be blamed as they have no option. Since, their parents are working.”

In the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meeting at school, we tell parents to not to give mobiles to the children. But, since parents are working, they buy phones for their kids so that they can stay in touch. So, to some extent, parents are responsible if their children get addicted to mobile phones.

Talking about mobile addiction, a girl living in Mumbai who studies in standard 8 spends 12 hours daily on mobile phone as per her parents. Her parents had only purchased a mobile for her. If the parents don’t allow her to use mobile then, she gets angry.

As per Redij, “It is impossible to pay attention towards each and every student in the school. So, the parents should pay more attention. Mobile can affect the parent-child relationship. So, the government should take an initiative to tackle addiction amongst school going children.”

Jayant Jain, from All India Federation of Parent Teacher Association (AIFPTA) said, “In our meeting, tackling the cell phone addiction amongst the children is the important topic. We are taking efforts towards it.”

Ashok Bhonsle, a Wadala resident from Mumbai, said, “The usage of mobile has increased in children.  This takes a toll on their health. But, the children do not understand. Parents should pay attention towards this. Even my children are always glued to the mobile. This can affect their eyes and their studies as well. I allow my kids to use the cell phone and laptop only on Sundays for one hour.”