No Smoking Papa: Singer Shaan encourage fathers to quit smoking through music video

The relationship between a father and a daughter is a special bond. Daughters look up to their fathers, usually subconsciously, and all dads have a special place in this world. Renowned vocalist Shaan has recently recorded a single, ‘No Smoking Papa,’ which is dedicated to the beautiful father-daughter relationship


Father of two, Bollywood singer Shaan wants all dads to pledge ‘No Smoking’ as their resolution for this year. Shaan, who had lost his father to cancer at a young age, is an ardent supporter of Anti-Tobbaco movement.

He has even requested his colleagues and family not to consume tobbaco. Taking his mission to the next level, Shaan has now released a single titled No Smoking Papa.

Speaking about the video, Shaan said, “No better New Year resolution than #NoSmokingPapa! The purpose of this project is fulfilled if even one Papa decides to quit Smoking for sake of his family.”

In the emotional video, we see a small girl who watches her father smoke cigarettes day in and day out, one day she snatches the packet of cigarettes and takes them to her room. Over there, she rolls a family photo with the cigarettes and puts the cigarettes back in the car. In the next scene we see the father lighting up a cigarette after the parents have dropped her to school.

He finds something amiss while lighting the cigarette and then unrolls the photo around the cigarette and realise the extent of the mistakes he is making. Smoking is an evil which has taken away many loved ones. It is better to change our ways, while we still have the chance.

The New Year is a time for new resolutions which why it is important that we make conscious lifestyle choices to quit smoking.

Smoking not only affects the person who smokes, but also the people around them. A father and daughter share a precious bond and many a times, it is children who convince their fathers to quit smoking.

  • The tobacco consumption in India has seen a significant dip of six percent in the year 2016-17, as compared to the year 2009-10. The adult tobacco survey, which was conducted by Union Health Ministry shows that tobacco prevalence has gone down from 34.6 per cent to 28.6 per cent.
  • As per the Health Ministry, total number of tobacco users has reduced by 81 lakhs.
  • The National Health Policy, 2017, of the government of India has set a target of relative reduction on prevalence of current tobacco use by 15 per cent by 2020, and 30 per cent by 2025.
  • As per Health Ministry findings, global adult tobacco survey GATS-2, shows a relative reduction of 17 per cent prevalence of current tobacco use since GATS-1 in 2009-10.
  • The global adult tobacco survey has brought a sigh of relief for the government as well. The prevalence of tobacco use among the youths aged 15-24 has gone down from 18.4 per cent in 2009-10 to 12.4 per cent in 2016-17, which is 33 per cent relative reduction.
  • The fact sheet provided by the Health Ministry suggests that, the prevalence of tobacco use among minors age 15-17 and adolescents age 18-24 has a relative reduction of 54 per cent and 28 per cent respectively.


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