No market product can ever be a substitute for breastfeeding, say doctors

India ranks 56 in early initiation of breastfeeding as given by the WHO recently. While urban mothers have become ‘working moms,’ doctors say that use of products which are portrayed as alternative to breastfeeding by the market players are seen more these days. It is therefore, that the doctors think there is need to emphasise that there cannot be any alternative to breastfeeding

No market product can ever be a substitute for breastfeeding, say doctors

While government and non-government organisations are arranging different programs to create awareness on breastfeeding to mark the occasion of world breastfeeding week, corporate hospitals are not behind to mark their presence on the same.

A Pune-based Motherhood hospital, has organised awareness sessions for all to-be-moms. The hospital has organised free lactation consultation, breastfeeding awareness consultation, awareness session by dietician, interactive session by paediatrician and it is open for all those who are interested in attending it.

It has also organised special event on August 05 in which programs like fashion show, cooking competition, group discussion and photography has been arranged.

Dr Mubashir Shah, consultant paediatrician at the hospital, said, “Many women are working these days and they then go for options like formula milk or some such products. But it is responsibility of healthcare professionals to make them understand that there cannot be any substitute to breastfeeding.”

“The aim to start such program was to create awareness. Also, there are misconceptions like mother’s milk in the initial two-three days is watery and so should not be given. But, it is not correct. We also aim to nullify such misconceptions,” he added.