NMC Bill: ‘Do or die, our survival at stake,’ says IMA President

The Indian Medical Association, the largest voluntary organisation of Doctors of Modern Scientific Medicine has organised a 'Mahapanchayat' in Delhi on Sunday March 25. The doctors will protest against the proposed National Medical Commission Bill. Calling this as a do-or-die battle, IMA, president Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, has appealed all the doctors to participate in large numbers

NMC Bill: IMA plans massive protest on March 25 in Delhi

The IMA is set to launch a massive surgical strike against the government, as the doctors are not satisfied with the proposed draft of National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill.

Doctors had rejected the draft in its current state and had gone on one day token strike on January 02. Owing to which, the government had sent the National Medical Commission Bill to the health committee.

NMC Bill: IMA plans massive protest on March 25 in Delhi

Calling this a do-or-die battle, Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, has appealed all members of the IMA to congregate in large numbers for the Mahapanchayat on March 25.

He stated, “I earnestly request all my medical colleagues, medical students, all my junior doctors and friends to kindly join this do-or-die battle. It’s now or never. Friends if you miss this movement, you will ruin your entire life. Doctors have suffered enough. Unless we fight back, our survival is at stake. In order to regain the glory of this profession, to get back our identity, each one of you has to join the doctors Mahapanchayat.”

Doctors have called the National Medical Commission Bill as anti-poor and have decided to launch a massive protest nationwide if the government doesn’t agree to their demands.

NMC Bill: IMA plans massive protest on March 25 in Delhi
A cycle yatra in progress

Doctors maha panchayat

  • All the local, state branches, central leaders and National President will create a momentum and awareness on various issues.
  • Several activities like cycle yatra and massive public awareness campaign is going on
  • A central team of leaders will continue the yatra into the states while the state and district leaders are expected to reach every nook and corner of their state.
  • All the local branch, state branch, national office bearers, CWC members, national and state leaders, sister organisations are expected to attend this mega meeting to demonstrate the one voice of the entire modern medicine medical fraternity.
  • The objective of all these activities is to consolidate the fraternity for action if required