NMC Bill: IMA calls off strike

Today, the union cabinet has approved and amended the NMC Bill. Though, Indian Medical Association is happy with it. As per IMA, it will continue the struggle and maintain our pressure at each and every step to achieve our maximum demands for the benefit of the fraternity and society. Also, IMA doctors will meet Union health minister J P Nadda on April 2. Though, the strike is called off. The doctors will demonstrate all over the country for 2 hours


As per IMA:

  • The union cabinet has approved and amended the NMC Bill. The original draconian NMC bill tabled on 29th December 2017 was referred to PSC due to the Surgical Strike of  January 2. Intense lobbying and strong representation to PSC diluted it further.
  • Threat of agitation from April 2has compelled the government to accept few of our major demands like exit test, bridge-course for AYUSH  doctors, strong anti-quackery law and so on.
  • Furthermore, after passage of Act, detailed rules and regulations will have to be framed before it is actually implemented.
  • Still, the details of this amendments will have to be  studied further to decide upon further course of action to get our remaining demands accepted through negotiations with government and intensified political lobbying as now this has to be passed by both houses of parliament.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Indian Medical Association (IMA) President, Ravi Wankhedkar said, “We will meet the union health minister JP Nadda on April 2. The United Young Medicos comprising of medical students, Resident doctors and Junior doctors will go on a token strike for 2 hours on  April 2, 2018 all over India and it will be supported by Indian Medical Association. They agreed to abide by the decision of the National President on the basis of negotiations  with the Health Minister and after perusal of the details of the amendments in the NMC Bill 2017.”

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Shivkumar Utture, an IMA member said, “We are yet to get clarity on the same by the government. Also, draft hasn’t been sent yet. Owing to which, we cannot take further steps. Once we get the clarity from the government. Only then, we will decide the further course of action.”


Points discussed in the meeting:

  • The decision of the Union Cabinet to remove the Clause for separate Exit Examination and to have a common final year MBBS examination, amendment to drop the provision for Bridge Course to AYUSH doctors and subsequent registration to practice modern medicine and introduction of a new punitive clause for quacks and unqualified persons for practicing modern medicine were welcomed.
  • Although, the Cabinet approved draft of NMC Bill has marginally increased the state representation and control of the govt. Over 50% of the fee levied, IMA feels that these are cosmetic in nature and the Bills still remains Anti-poor, Anti-federal, non representative and undemocratic.
  •  Un-addressed major issues like token presence of elected members, sub-optimal representation to State Governments and Health Universities and the lack of autonomy of NMC itself.
  • Also long pending demands addressing the issues of Violence against doctors, Clinical Establishment act, PCPNDT Act & Capping of Compensation still remain un-implemented since last 1 year inspite of Government agreeing in writing.
  • Girija Nandini

    Violence against doctor is major concern.It can never be accepted.Some provisions need to be their in the NMC bill.At the same time there should be some provision for career progression of paramedical staff working in allopathy stream.