NMC Bill: IMA calls indefinite strike on April 2

Indian Medical Association, after a maha panchayat in New Delhi on Sunday in which about 25,000 doctors and medical students participated, has declared that doctors across the country will go on an indefinite strike from April 2 if the government does not remove controversial clauses from the National Medical Commission Bill. Although, on Mrach 27, it will be tabled in the session and a call on strike will be taken based on what government does, said Dr Shivkumar Utture, President Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC)


  • 25, 000 doctors and medical students converged at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi for Mahapanchayatto express their concern and anger on the National Medical Commission Bill.
  • Junior doctors, service doctors, members from the speciality organisations besides members of Indian Medical Association assembled for the Mahapanchayat.
  • The medical students from all the medical colleges of the country also joined in Doctors’ MahaPanchayat. In prelude to this historic event the medical students held a Chhatra Sansad on March 24.
  • IMA appealed to the people to understand the gravity of the situation and that IMA is fighting for the Health of the nation and future generation of doctors.

Dr Ravi Wankhedkar while giving his presidential address, expressed concern regarding the ailing health sector and said that the health sector in India is suffering due to lack of good governance  and wrong policies of successive governments. He condemned the malafide intent of the bill.

While presiding over the MahaPanchayat, Dr Ravi Wankhedkar said that this Bill is anti-people, pro-rich, non-democratic, non-representative and anti-federal. He also said that many of the clauses in the Bill institutionalised corruption. He opined that the recommendations of Parliamentary Standing Committee are cosmetic and superficial.

If the Government does not heed to the appeal of the MahaPanchayat, IMA will be forced to go on indefinite strike and declare ‘AllopathyMukt Bharat’ to safeguard the health of our people and uphold the high standard of our medical education.

In a separate decision, the Chhatra Sansad – the students’ Parliament has declared strike in all the medical colleges of the country from 2nd April 2018, if NMC is not withdrawn. All medical colleges will be closed and medical students will boycott classes and exams on the call given by Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, National President of Indian Medical Association.

MahaPanchayatalso expressed its concern on violence on doctors, Clinical Establishment Act, capping of compensation in CPA, PCPNDT Act, Rural Health and Criminal Prosecution of doctors. The MahaPanchayat discussed the problems faced by Junior Doctors and Service Doctors as well. The resolutions were moved by Dr Ravi Wankhedkar and were unanimously accepted by the MahaPanchayat.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Shivkumar Utture, President Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) said, “The report of the parliament’s standing committee is not at all conducive to whatever we had discussed with them. NEXT (National Exit Test) an exit or licentiate exam, they said that  it should be a common single test. That is acceptable. Mainly, our fight was for cross-pathy. They have said not to put it in the central act.”

He added, “Then, have given all powers to the state to make changes in the state act. Also, they haven’t increased enough of elected members. They haven’t reduced the number of non-medical people sitting on NMC, as they cannot decide about medical ethics or medical education. Even if the parliament standing committee has given the report, it is up to the government whether to accept the report or no. All medical students and doctors will go on an indefinite strike on April 2. But, on Mrach 27, it will be tabled in the session. So, we will take a call based on what government does.”

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