NMC Bill: Allopathy and homeopathy doctors clash over ‘bridge course’

All India Homeopathy Doctors Federation have launched a massive agitation in Mumbai, backing the bridge course for AYUSH doctors. The doctors have warned the government, that if their demands are not accepted, they will start a nationwide agitation

NMC Bill: Allopathy and homeopathy doctors clash over ‘bridge course’

  • The All India Homeopathy Doctors Federation launched a massive protest in Mumbai on Monday, April 02
  • Their demand is not to amend the draft of the proposed NMC Bill and government should consider the old draft which had given them the permission to practice allopathy.
  • Homeopathy doctors have threatened to intensify their protest, if the government doesn’t consider their demands.
  • 150 homeopathy doctors have joined the protest on Monday, and more are likely to join soon.

On Sunday, April 01, allopathy doctors from the Indian Medical Association (IMA), have given an ultimatum to the government, threatening to observe ‘Allopathy Mukta Bharat’ against the bridge course clause.

Now, homeopathy doctors have also upped the pressure on the government by threatening it, stating that they will take to the streets, if the bridge course clause is removed from the proposed National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill.

The union government had proposed the bridge course for the AYUSH doctors in the previous draft of the NMC Bill. But, after the standing committee on health’s recommendations, the union cabinet removed the bridge course clause from the proposed NMC Bill. It had then left it upon the state governments to decide upon the fate of the bridge course.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Committee member of the All India Homeopathy doctors federation, Dr Prakash Rane said, “There are around 65,000 homeopathy doctors in the country. Homeopathy doctors work in tribal and rural areas, whereas allopathy doctors generally refrain from working there. While providing medical treatment in rural areas, it is necessary to prescribe allopathy medicine. Homeopathy doctors provide the medical treatment to the poor.”

Dr Rane further said, “We have launched this protest on Monday and if our demands are not met then we will launch a massive protest. The onus of the protest will be on the government.”

A homeopathy student named Shivam Singh had also joined the protest in Mumbai. While speaking to My Medical Mantra he said, “When doctors call for strike, homeopathy doctors shoulder the responsibility of giving medical treatment to the people. So, bridge course is need of the hour. We all should come together and work towards the welfare of the patients.”