Night time frequent urination cases are on a rise, say doctors

If your bladder is waking you up, at various times at the night to urinate. Here are some suggestions to help you get enough sleep

Night time frequent urination cases are on a rise, say doctors

It’s important to talk to your doctor because frequent urination can be more than just a nuisance, it can also be a sign of an underlying medical condition. “Many patients come to me complaining about night time frequent urination. “There are many factors – low bladder capacity, urinary infection, lot of water consumption  in the night, sleep disorder (obstructive sleep apnea), certain medications can also cause increased urination, obese people tend to urinate more during the night, depression (patients who are on depression medications) and even diabetic patients tend to frequently urinate at night.  One may pass more urine if the hormone in the brain knows as ADH is affected,” explained Dr Pratit Samdani, physician at Jaslok Hospital.

According to the National Association for Continence, at least two percent of adults lack control over their bladders while sleeping, and more than a third who wake up to go the bathroom do so at least twice a night.

“Evaluate the exact cause of the problem by monitoring the functioning of the bladder. Night time frequent urination is mostly seen in perimenopausal and menopausal age group of woman. In women who are aging, there is an inability to hold the urine. While a normal delivery can also result in the loosening of bladder in a woman. And depending on the urodynamic study of the bladder, lifestyle and medical therapy is suggested”, tells Dr Rishma Dhillon Pai, President of (The Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India) FOGSI.

Doctor’s also inform that night time frequent urination is a common problem in all age groups.  And it can also affect the body system. “Due to causes like diabetes, urinary tract infection (after menopause), night time frequent urination cases are rising,” said Dr Vatsala Trivedi, Consultant urologist at SL Raheja, Kohinoor and Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dolly Nandgaonkar said, “Earlier, I used to frequently urinate at night. This disturbed my sleep pattern. Due to which I was fatigued thought the day. Sleeping late delayed my schedule, and I wasn’t able to finish my chores on time. But thankfully, now I make sure that I consume less water post evening and relieve myself before sleeping.”

For tackling frequent urination in the night, improve the bladder capacity and to control diabetes. “Reduce your  liquid intake after 7:00 pm. Cut down on caffeine. Relieve yourself  before sleeping. Also, medicines can be taken at night to get a good night’s sleep,” added Dr Pai.

To treat night time frequent urinary, one has to retrain the bladder, said the doctors. “Even if you feel the urge to urinate just try and hold your urine. And treating your detrusor muscle (a muscle which forms a layer of the wall of the bladder) will help. So it is all about behavioural training. To treat your overactive bladder at night, consume vitamin supplements. Also, perform  kegel exercises for strengthening the bladder,” said Dr Neeta Warty, gynaecologist and a practicing obstetrician, Breach Candy hospital .