NGO submits patient centric health budget to state govt

An NGO working for the patient rights has put forward the health budget for the common people. Last year, for the Public Health Department, only 27% was spent on the medicines. So, in comparison to last year, the state government should make a provision of Rs 728 crores in the budget by making an additional provision of 256 crores for this year, said Jan Arogya Abhiyaan


According to Jan Arogya Abhiyaan officials, patients are suffering as only 56% of the funds for health care were spent.
•In the budget of 471 crores for medicines, only 27% has been spent till January 2018. So, the funds allocated should be used appropriately.
•In comparison to Maharashtra, the central government is spending Rs 1,537 on health.

Jan Arogya Abhiyaan has prepared a citizen’s budget:

  • All the rural and urban areas have enough human resources for free health care
  • Establish urban health system for quality healthcare
  • Provision for  free medication
  • One per cent provision of the overall budget for monitoring and planning of the health system
  • An additional provision of  Rs 257 crores for providing free medicines to the people
  • A provision of Rs 400 crores for Child Development Centres

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Abhijeet More, conveyor of Jan Aarogya Abhiyan, an NGO which works in the health sector, said, “Infant mortality in the state is on the rise, due to malnutrition. Also, attacks on resident doctors in government hospitals are increasing. The reason for this is lack of services. There is a lack in the number of experts and ASHA workers in the rural areas. Many district and sub-district hospitals face scarcity of medicines.”