New Year: FDA to curb food adulteration

Whole country is eagerly waiting to celebrate New Year and people are taking efforts to make their celebration the special one. When we take about celebrations, the food is the integral part. On December 31, Food is in lot more demand in clubs, restaurants, hotels and dhaba, which can encourage food adulteration. To stop it, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is taking extra precautions


According to the information given by the FDA official, from December 15 to 31, a special movement will be carried out in Mumbai and the areas nearby. If the food is being prepared in the untidy place or the food is being adulterated. Then, the FDA will take a stern action against the seller.

Shailesh Adhav, the FDA Co-Commissioner (Food) said, “The demand for sweets and food increases during the festivals.  During which, the hotels and shopkeepers tend to compromise with the food quality. This can be harmful for our health.  Owing to which, like every year, this year too, the FDA is taking precautions.”

He added, “15 days ago, the checking is done. The faulty food samples are seized and are sent to the laboratory.  If the samples are of bad quality then a necessary action is taken.”