New Year: A new hope for a hip TB patient

For YM Shaikh, bedridden life was beyond accepting. From being bedridden to walking out of the hospital recently, the challenge for doctors operating on him was huge

New Year: A new hope for a hip TB patient

This New Year had good news and new hopes in store for the Shaikhs. As, in the last week of December, a revised hip transplant gave a new lease of life to YM Shaikh, a bed ridden TB Hip Patient.

YM Shaikh, a Mumbai resident, was relived from his 8 month agony. Now, he is living a pain-free life with optimism.

Shaikh was living a normal and active life. Unfortunately, in the year 1998, he met with an accident and his hip socket was dislocated. He weighed 100 kg then and with the dislocation, there was a never end to his suffering.

Shaikh came to Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital after visiting several other hospitals in Mumbai. He had developed TB Arthritis. In most cases of TB Arthritis, hip replacement is not possible.

After which, an advanced hip surgery was performed at the hospital that required importing a complete hip socket (size 70) with special locking system from the US.

The life span of the hip replacement normally goes up to 10 years. However, the bone density and bone quality of the patient had deteriorated over the years and hence the hip socket had become loose. The patient consulted another doctor. However, the surgery was unsuccessful and he was bedridden again. This resulted in Shaikh visiting Nanavati Hospital.

For Dr Pradeep Bhosale, who is Director of Arthritis and Joint Replacement Surgery (Orthopaedics Department) at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, knew the case was a challenge.

After admission, Shiakh was diagnosed with old operated left hip dislocation with distortion of previous hip socket with large bone defect.

“The surgery is designed to relieve arthritic pain and help patients walk and exercise again with better range of motion,” Dr Bhosale said.

“My friends and family are glad that I am back in action. I am very grateful to the hospital and the doctors for providing me free treatment that incurred a high-end surgical procedure. It is certainly a new lease on life for me,” said Shaikh after being discharged from the hospital recently.