‘NESTS’ to help youths to solve sexuality and relationship-related problems

A Pune-based charitable trust has come up with an initiative for the youth. They are providing a platform for the youths to come forward and discuss their sexuality and relationship related problems with the experts, and avail their help

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Prayas Health Group, a Pune-based charitable trust that is working on different health issues, has come up with a unique initiative for the youths in the city.

Sexuality and relationship related issues are hardly talked with anybody in society. When the majority of the youths are exploring sexuality-related things, they are also encountering many mental and physical health-related issues.

The new platform by Prayas will give people a chance to come forward and discuss their sexuality and relationship-related problems with the experts. Full-time trained professionals, along with practicing doctors from Pune, will listen to their problems and will assist them.

The initiative – Non-judgemental, Empowering, Self-reflective, and Technology assisted Spaces (NESTS) – started last week. All who are above the age of 18 can avail help through the initiative.

Dr Shirish Darak, a Senior Researcher, Prayas Health Group, said, “From a young person’s perspective, we can hardly separate things like education, professional life, and personal issues. When we all are encountering sexuality-related issues, and they affect us in different ways, we hardly talk about it.”

He informed, “At our platform, we will not only talk about it but will also help them with expert’s help, if they need. For example, if anybody is suffering from depression-related issues, then we guide them to have expert treatment with a psychiatrist.”

Dr Darak informed, “Also, all issues related to the relationship will be discussed. It will be a confidential and free space for youths to talk. We appeal that if any medical professional wants to give their voluntary service for the initiative, we welcome them.”

The group conducted a survey, youth in transition, recently in Pune. It involved detailed interviews with 655 men and 585 women over the last two years.

The findings of the survey pointed out that when youngsters are facing sexuality and relationship related issues, they have nobody to talk with on these issues. It was the trigger point for the group to start with such an initiative.

Maitreyee, the project coordinator, said, “We will be listeners. Anybody can come and talk to us. With dialogue, some expert help we will try to solve issues bothering youths of the city. Anybody can participate by taking an appointment through contacting the organisation.”