Nephrologists from six countries present their studies on chronic kidney disease at ISN conference

Indian Society of Nephrology’s (ISN) 47th annual conference focuses on treatment and prevention of various kidney related disease

In its 47th Annual Conference, Indian Society of Nephrology aims to conduct a detailed discussion on treatment and prevention of various kidney diseases. The conference (ISNCON 2016), beginning December 15 to 18, has been organised with support of Mumbai Nephrology Group.

Indian Society of Nephrology is a platform to share scientific studies related to kidney disease and delegates from six countries like Kenya, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Nepal are part of this meeting.

It is estimated that about 10% Indian population suffers from chronic kidney disease. When poorly managed, it can increase risk of heart disease and often kidney failure. Around 2 to 3 lakh people develop kidney failure in India every year.

“With increase in number of chronic kidney diseases in India, it’s important to find ways to control it and such conferences where national and international nephrologists share their knowledge as well as study findings under one roof are important. Through this knowledge sharing platform, we can tackle growing kidney disease menace,” said Dr Umesh Khanna, organising Secretary of ISNCON 2016.

Speaking at the conference, internationally recognised nephrologist and president of International Society of Nephrology Dr David Harris mentioned various types of conservative care and shared his research on prevention, management and late stage chronic kidney disease.

Apart from Dr David, other international experts were also present to present their talks on kidney-related diseases. Dr Madhukar Misra from USA spoke on chronic kidney disease and care of patients on dialysis. Dr Ravi Thadhani spoke on pregnancy in chronic kidney disease.

Along with expert lectures and different presentations, nephrologists will present their studies on chronic kidney disease.