NDRF team helps woman deliver baby in boat in flood-hit Bihar

Harjana Khatun delivered a baby girl in the midst of flood assisted by rescue officials. The mother and baby are now recuperating at a primary healthcare centre

NDRF team helps woman deliver baby on boat on flood-hit Bihar

The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) believes in the motto – Saving Lives and Beyond and this is what one of their teams did during rescue efforts in Bihar. As they managed the crisis in the flood-hit state, a rescue team helped a woman deliver her baby on a boat at Benipatti block, in Madhubani district.

According to NDRF officials, Harjana Khatun was already in labour pain when she got on to the boat during the rescue operations. But even before the boat could reach the primary healthcare centre, Harjana delivered a baby girl assisted by the team of rescue officials.

NDRF team helps woman deliver baby in boat in flood-hit Bihar

“There were few complications in the delivery but our team is trained to handle such emergency situations,” said NDRF Deputy Commandant BK Tiwari. “The mother and the little girl are safe and fine and they are now being cared for at the local primary healthcare centre,” he added. Seven pregnant women have been rescued from the various flood-affected districts in the past 10 days and have been admitted to healthcare centres.

The NDRF officials said while on the rescue mission in Benippati block, the team commander got to know that there was a pregnant woman in the village. The team rushed to rescue her on priority and found she was already in labour. “Our team members, who were present in the boat, helped Harjana Khatun deliver her baby and cut the umbilical cord. During such rescue operations, we always try to prioritise the well-being of pregnant women,” said Tiwari.

The flood situation in Bihar is worsening because of the continuous rainfall and the area close to Nepal border is reported to be worst affected. Around 35 to 40 villages in 11 districts including Madhubani, Sitamarhi, Gopalganj and Kishanganj are under four to five-feet water. This situation is creating hurdles for the NDRF teams to reach these villages. Twenty three NDRF teams are working tirelessly on rescue missions, with four more expected to join the operations.