World Oral Health Day: Sharad Pawar bats for national policy for oral healthcare

NCP President and Rajya Sabha MP Sharad Pawar has taken a vow to control the menace of tobacco in India. Indian Dental Association had organised a program in Mumbai on Sunday to commemorate World Oral Health Day.


  • As a responsible citizen and a public representative, I take a vow to work towards the cessation of tobacco in order to curb the menace of tobacco-related diseases and to improve the quality of life of the people
  • I pledge to raise the issue and try and will work to make India free from the tobacco menace
  • NCP supremo signed the pledge for tobacco-free India

NCP President and Rajya Sabha MP Sharad Pawar, has taken a vow to control the menace of tobacco in the country. Pawar has taken this pledge in a programme organised by the Indian Dental Association in Mumbai, to commemorate the World Oral Health Day, which is celebrated on March 20 every year.

Pledge signed by Sharad Pawar
Pledge signed by Sharad Pawar

In his speech, the veteran politician, who was diagnosed oral cancer said, “In those days, I was a regular supari eater. Because of this, I have suffered a lot. I was diagnosed with oral cancer. I had to undergo a surgery, a complete removal of teeth, I couldn’t open the mouth, difficulty in swallowing and speaking. I regretted having used tobacco and supari, and I wished that someone had warned me 40-years-ago to stop the habit.”

On the eve of  the World Oral Health Day, NCP President Sharad Pawar said ,”Unfortunately there is no national policy for the oral health in the country, But will I personally take up the issue with the central government’s health ministry.”

While, signing the pledge to control the menace of tobacco, Sharad Pawar also said that, several lakh Indians continue to fall prey to this deadly and disabling disease. NCP supremo promised to raise this issue to curb this epidemic.

Dr Ashok Dhoble, honorary secretary, IDA, said, “In the organisation’s Crusade for ‘Optimal Oral Health for All’, IDA has been organizing dental check up camps across the country. Along with this IDA has also set up the Oral Cancer Foundation with the object of early detection and treatment of oral cancerous lesions. A National Oral Cancer Registry has also been set up to register exclusively cases of oral cancer.” 

He supported Indian Dental Association’s mission to eradicate oral cancer by 2022. The event was organized by Indian Dental Association, Mumbai to commemorate World Oral Health Day.

Sharad Pawar promised the doctors, to work towards the eradication of oral cancer by 2022.