Nashik: ‘Maatritva’ app to reduce maternal mortality

There are a range of adverse health effects associated with maternal under-nutrition (malnutrition and micronutrient deficiency), anaemia and lack of facilities which can lead to the death of the pregnant women. To curb it, four youngsters for Nashik have developed ‘Maatritva’ app. As if now, only Nashik people will have access. The Assam government and NITI Aayog has taken a note of it


In Maharashtra, in the year 2016 to 2017, 61 pregnant women lost their lives. The figures are alarming. So, the ‘Maatritva’ app has been developed to curb the number of deaths. Before developing this app, a survey was conducted to understand the reason of death amongst the pregnant women was done for 8 months in 15 talukas and rural areas.

The pregnant women in the tribal and rural areas were asked the following questions:

  • Are they suffering from any disease?
  • Do family members have any hereditary problems?
  • Have the doctors’ informed about the complications during delivery?
  • Do you eat nutritional food?


The app has been developed by Sandeep Shinde, Abhishek Verma, Garima Dosar and Pritsh Agarwal. The health issues of the pregnant ladies were assessed by the gynaecologists. The maximum number of pregnant women lost their lives due to inadequate nutrition and the lack of facilities.

Speaking about the app, Sandeep Shinde said, “Through this app, it is not possible to provide treatment to the pregnant women. But, information about how a pregnant women should take care of herself, what should she eat and what not, reminder about the doctor’s appointment and medicines will be provided.”

Abhishek Verma said, “This app is for the women who will undergo delivery in the Nashik government or municipal hospitals. The app will be useful for tracking pregnant women. Currently, this app is being used on experimental basis at 105 primary health centres and 30 municipal hospitals in the district.”

Dr Sushil Waghchaure District Health Officer (DHO) Nashik said, “In Maharashtra, many pregnant women lose their lives during deliveries. Owing to which, a survey was done to evaluate the cause of their death. The app was started after the consent of the district health officials. The Assam government and NITI Aayog, have taken a note of it and a plan regarding the app has been sent to them as well.”