Nashik: Doctors undertake road safety awareness drive

Everyone knows the traffic rules. But, sometimes we tend to neglect it. Accidents can occur if the traffic rules aren’t followed which in turn can be fatal to the health. To create awareness about traffic rules so that people can follow it, the Nashik doctors have come forward


  • Family Physician’s Association, National Integrated Medical Association and Nashik Traffic police has undertaken an initiative to create awareness about the traffic rules which will help to avoid accidents for 5 days (from Monday to Friday).
  • Through it, awareness is being created at signals by the policemen and the doctors.
  • The doctors are creating awareness about wearing helmets, seatbelts and the hazards of drinking and driving.
  • The doctors are flashing boards of following traffic rules and safe driving, how the accidents can be fatal to the health and how the traumatic brain injuries can be dangerous.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Smita Kamble, Family Physician’s Association said, “Today, road accidents are increasing but the after effects of the road accidents on health is also increasing at a rapid rate. Everyone should follow the traffic rules. Many people don’t wear helmet which can cause serious brain injuries. Injuries can be avoided by wearing helmet.”

She added, “Everyday, for one hour we go at the signals and create awareness. People are giving a good response. Our motive is to curb the fatal accident injuries. We have undertaken this initiative so that the people follow the traffic rules.”


Dr Ajay Deore, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Nashik who came forward as a president of this initiative said, “To bring a change people should participate in this. People should follow the traffic rules. Around 72% people suffer head injuries in bike accidents. So, to avoid this and create awareness about the health consequences this initiative has been undertaken.”