Newly-wed couple take a vow of organ donation, as part of marriage ritual

Marriage is a special day for both the bride and the groom. But, Nashik's couple, Varsha and Swapnil's marriage was a special for them as well as for thousands of those who are waiting for organs to live. Varsha and Swapnil had taken a vow of blood donation and pledging to donate organs before getting married. So, after their marriage, both donated blood. Many people who had come for the wedding, also donated blood and pledged to donate the organs

“Marriage is the most beautiful day of a girl’s life. Indeed, for me too, it’s the day I will remember for the lifetime. But, I am very happy and feeling satisfied today. The vow which I and my husband had taken, has been fulfilled. I am overwhelmed by the response we have received, and I don’t have the words to express my feelings,” said Varsha Pagar.
Varsha, a resident of Nashik, Maharashtra, tied a knot with Swapnil Kothawade on Saturday, March 18. Varsha is assistant provident fund commissioner, while Swapnil works as an assistant income tax commissioner.
Now, you would ask a question? So, what’s a big deal in it?
Have you ever seen a groom, in his wedding attire, donating blood? No. Swapnil did exactly that. Yes. you heard it right.
Varsha Pagar and her husband Swapnil Kothawade, had taken a vow to donate blood and pledge for organ donation before tying a knot.
While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Varsha said, “Every person has his share for the society. We have taken an oath, to be with each other all the times. But, today we have taken a vow, to give people a new lease of life. Blood and organs can save someone’s life. That’s why we had appealed to people, come to our marriage. But, we also appealed to them, not to bring the gifts. If you donate blood and pledge for organ donation, that’s the gift for a lifetime.”
While marriage rituals were being performed inside the hall, people had thronged in the pandal, where blood donation camp was set-up. Excitement, a sense of feeling proud and a satisfaction, after doing something for the society was seen on everyone’s face.
Swapnil Kothawade, the groom while speaking to My Medical Mantra said, “I just can’t forget this. This is something which you want to cherish in your memory for the lifetime. I thank all of those who have supported our cause. When you donate blood and pledge for organ donation, we save someone’s life. And I am confident that many lives will be saved in the near future.”
While chatting to Varsha, one can see the satisfaction on her face. Varsha adds, “People are not fully aware about organ donation. There is not much awareness about the noble cause. There are lots of misconceptions in the minds of people. We need to spread awareness about this. Earlier, we both were unaware about this. So, before deciding the theme of Blood and organ donation, we spoke to many people and understood it first.”
A team of doctors and nursing staff of Nashik medical college was busy on attending the donors. And a team of people was busy in helping people understand the importance of organ donation.