Nashik: 03-year-old girl swallow’s 50 paisa coin doctors saves her life

The child had accidentally swallowed the coin while playing inside her house. Her parents were not nearby when this happened. An immediately rushed to the hospital as she was having visible difficulty in breathing


  • The girl hails from a village in Nandgaon taluka in Nashik district, Maharashtra.
  • The surgical procedure could not be performed immediately as the girl had eaten, a few hours back.
  • They then operated upon her in the morning, on the next day.
  • She was facing breathing and eating difficulties.
  • As the coin, was lodged between her food pipe and airway.


While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Nashik District Hospital, ENT Head of Department, Dr Sanjay Gangede, “After doing the initial X-rays, we located the foreign object; it was stuck between her food pipe and wind pipe. We had to take her the permission from her parents for the endoscopy surgical procedure.”


He Gangede further said, “The parents were unaware about was causing their daughter distress, but rushed to hospital as she couldn’t breathe or eat. When we examined the X-rays, we realised that we would have to wait till morning, in order to perform the surgery as there was still the contents of the food she had eaten in the stomach. We operated upon her in the morning.”


Prior to the operation, she was kept in the ICU. The girl is now fine and out of harm’s way, she was discharged on Monday (Nov 25) after being kept under observation for two days.