Nari Shakti: Woman constable rescues boy from swelling waters

It was just around 11am on a seemingly normal Thursday morning on September 27. But all hell broke loose, when the canal wall of the Mutha River suddenly collapsed


Within minutes, water began to enter into the city with full force. And the streets were flooded, leaving no time for the people staying in the hutments to reach to the safe place. The hutments were submerged in water for over three hours, resulting in residents losing all their belongings.

The water was gushing at a great speed, and everything which was on the way was swept up with the force of the water. It was impossible to stand in the water.

But, ‘she’ stood there fearless, firm and defiant against the rising waters, her sheer determination helped save a number of lives. ‘She’ is none other than Pune Police’s braveheart woman constable Nilam Gaikwad. When everything around her was being swept away in the rapidly rising water, she did her best to reach out to the people who were caught up in the waters.

Pune Police Commissioner K. Venkateshan gave her the moniker of ‘Shakti.’

Constable Nilam Gaikwad, who is attached to Dattawadi Police station, Pune while speaking to My Medical Mantra, said, “The water was gushing with an enormous force. It was very difficult for anyone to even to stand there. We were trying to wade through the water, but it was too very difficult.”

She added, “The water had entered into the adjacent locality. Small children, senior citizens, and women were stranded and their houses were washed away. Many people were shouting for help. A boy, who was around 8-9 years of age, was also stranded. He has injured his foot. So, without wasting any time I lifted him on my back, and we reached to a safer place.”

Nilam further said, “I don’t even know who he is. If wouldn’t have lifted him, he would have swept away with the force of the water. I was only thinking about how to save people. This is the first time I was in a situation like this. Police are there to help people and save their life. It’s not only my job but my duty, and this is for which I have been trained for.”

 People were seen holding onto each other to prevent being swept away. Later, they were seen wading through waist-deep water in some localities.

The Mutha river carries water from the Khadakwasla Dam, the main source of drinking water for Pune and the surrounding areas.

The canal banks are built with stones and concrete. At least a 15-meter portion is believed to have been washed away, causing the water to flow into residential areas.